Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love my Job!

Today was one of those days that is usually followed by my return to the office exclaiming "I love my job!" Today I didn't get back to the office as I was away in Harrisburg, so instead of proclaiming it to the office I'm doing it here. Because I can, because this is my blog!

Today was a statewide meeting that I generally enjoy attending, today was even better than usual. There is something really exciting that happens when there are tons of like-minded people together talking about change! We heard several great presentations, examples of what people are doing to promote safety, equality, voices. The goal in mind is simple, nothing extravagant, nothing over the top, it's about ensuring an everyday meaningful life for everyone. Today we heard about how it's being accomplished for kids, for people who access behavioral supports, for people with developmental disabilities. Today was about sharing ideas, sharing resources, sharing best practices that make sense for everyone. People are doing really great work, creating new ways of support, the best ideas are coming from the people who ask for that support and ya know what? Some people are actually listening!

Today I was joined by someone who has made change happen, who stopped and listened, who considered a new way. She is someone who until 18 months ago I had never met, yet today she and the people she works with and the person she supports have become an inspiration to myself and others. They are group of people rallied together to make a difference, they already have and I have been so lucky to have had a small part in it. This group of people and particularly the person they support are in my mind every day. From them and with them I have learned valuable life changing lessons, I have enjoyed a partnership which resulted in a changed life and a new perspective for so many. Today I sat in awe as this young woman wrestled back her nerves to tell the story that has become so important to us all. I felt admiration, excitement and wonder at how far we can come and what it can mean to one or many.

I am so lucky that I get to take part in any of this, that I get to witness it or sometimes can even say "hey I had something to do with that." I FREAKIN LOVE MY JOB!!!!!

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rickismom said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about like-minded people. Here in Israel, so many people are of the "pity them" attitude type, so I really appreciate when I run across someone with the same ideas on disabilitiees as I have.