Thursday, August 13, 2009


These are precarious times. The economy has declined, argument and debate have ensued over health care and other issues and for many a sense of apathy seems to be creeping in. Human service organizations here in Pennsylvania are struggling and afraid. Numerous changes, too many to count, have taken place within the State system and now there is deadlock over the State budget. This has left State employees without pay, and leaves numerous Social Service organizations in a state of fear. People sit back and wait...some complain...some are moved to action.

Apathy maintains the status quo, or diminishes prospects. Action creates change. I sit and think about how far so many communities have come, particularly the disability community. In the past 50 years alone numerous dramatic changes have occurred which created awareness and better lives. Whether through the action of parent groups, self advocates, or dedicated social activists, change has happened, dramatic change, yet currently we sit in a state of surrender. Haven't we come too far to give up now? Whether this or other issues are important to you, isn't it up to YOU to do something? None of us is helpless in any situation and haven't we yet learned the lessons of history? That even a few small voices can rise to deafening levels with enough passion and belief!

So, even if it's uncertainty about your own economic future, you can do something, cut costs, take a second job, maintain hope. If you're concerned about a social issue whether because you are personally affected or simply can not witness injustice, don't just sit back, do something! Change can and does happen, but only when we stand up and make it happen. So call your legislatures, make creative solutions, or spread awareness, but whatever you do, please don't just sit there!