Sunday, July 27, 2008


Another guest blog from Curly at LiveStrong


Today was a really long and terrific day. This morning we listened to Stephanie Spielman. She is a 3 time breast cancer survivor. Her Husband Chris, is a very famous football player. During her illness he gave up playing football for a year to take care of her. She stated that when she was diagnosed her entire family was diagnosed. This was not her problem alone to share. Her husband, children, parents , and friends were also diagnosed with her cancer. So far her foundation has raised millions of dollars for cancer research and for those who are in need.

I then went to my classes for the day. Watch out Patch team! I learned a lot today that we are going to be using for our conference. I could be dangerous!

From there I went to the zoo. It was a really nice a peaceful tri and I took lots of pictures. Sorry Brian, I didn't get to see the monkeys, but I did touch a starfish!

So the most memorable person I met today was Jonny Imerman. At age 26 he was diagnosed with cancer. He stated while he was receiving his chemo treatment he saw a lot of people that did have the same kind of support that he did. He decided to change that. He started Imerman Angels. They are a non-profit located in Chicago that matches a person who has been diagnosed with cancer with a person who has survived that exact same cancer. That person is now a support, advocate, and free resource for patient. He is terrific. He speaks so openly and honestly. I may like him as much as my soulmate. It could be a close competition! His goal is that every person who is diagnosed will have a match. If you get a chance go to his website:

Tomorrow is our final event and then I will leave around 1pm. I can't wait to get home to all of you, but I must say I will miss this new family.

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