Thursday, July 10, 2008

Full Circle

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be trained by one of my favorite people and a great mentor in facilitating a biographical timeline. (If you are interested in this and want more info. visit and look for the article "Who holds your story?") Anyway, it's an incredible tool and I have had some of the most amazing professional and personal experiences because of it. I have had the opportunity to take incredible, inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking journey's and at least one of those experiences helped to make another person's life better, how fabulous is that?

For two days now I was back with my favorite mentor and some of the other people most dear to me. We began the same journey of those few years ago, except that this time I had the opportunity to assist in sharing what I have learned and help other's begin to learn this tool. What a great gift we shared! Not only did I now get to work side by side with a person who has affected my work and my life with inspiration and experience, but I got to share that experience with my best friends and co-workers, and inspire other's to use this tool and in so doing affect real change! By the end of today as I was exhausted though exhilarated, I looked around the room and saw some faces of people who were truly impacted and ready to begin this journey for themselves! How amazing is that? Two years ago I was excited at the prospect of being helpful to some, and I have, but now that experience has helped to inform others who now hope to do the same. So, I now played some small part in the prospect of being helpful to many. I have somehow come full circle and it is magical. I sometimes marvel at how truly fortunate I am. I hope that all who read this can experience this same level of...WHOA!

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rickismom said...

Yes, it is SO nice when you see that others are "getting" what you are doing! Thanks for putting my blog on your list. Whay a compliment. I am going to a conference tomarrow, I am printing out the article you recomended today an will hopefully have time to read it there!

FAB said...

Wonderful! I love reading your blog, and I hope others will check it out as well!