Monday, June 16, 2008

List of Little Things

The little things that make me happy:

No matter how many times my son insists I'm I nerd, he still loves to make me laugh,

My youngest daughter's hand in mine,

My oldest daughter's independent, dramatic spirit,

My mom laughing until she cries,

My husband's surprise embrace from behind,

When my boss comes in in the morning,

When D. laughs,

When K. is carefree,

When I connect with an old friend through a silly blog (Michelle), and having an old friend who's known me longer than anyone outside my family,

When someone tells me I've been helpful,

When I know I've been helpful,

When I feel my Nannan and Grandad with me even though they're not here,

When I think of my husband and still get butterflies,

Picking up a book and not being able to put it down,

waking up to a new day...

...Make your own list, I dare you not to smile!


rickismom said...

Lovely post!

My list (from my blog, Dec. 13th):
-A smile from a grandchild
-A bird that flies in my windows and eats crumbs from the floor
-A hot cup of coffee on a rainy winter morning
-The pristine white of a fresh snowfall
-Listening to Jazzy music as I wash the floors
-The aroma of baking bread on a Friday afternoon
-A hiking path in autumn's foliage
-A good novel to curl up with
-Sitting near the window in the early morning, and watching the world come alive
-Seeing my married sons carrying their offspring with a confidence I never knew they had
-The fresh smell of the rainfall
-Hiking in the mountains
-A chat with a friend

FAB said...

What a lovely list! makes you smile doesn't it?

Michelle Hodges said...

Awww...that made me tear up!! I love you girl! So very proud of you.

FAB said...

I LOVE you too!