Monday, August 25, 2008

8th Graders and Heroin?

That's right, did you know there are 8th grade students who use heroin? I'm sure somewhere in my mind I understood this, but never really thought it was true and certainly not present in the quaint suburban schools where I live. Well today I learned that 8th graders can not only use heroin, but also transport it to school via their backpacks!

How do I know this nugget of information? Because my son who is still restricted to PG movies is in class with someone who was busted with heroin in her backpack! Of course, it was planted there (according to her).

My rather sad blog on Saturday was in reference to the schools decision to place my son (supposedly temporarily) in an "alternate" setting. What it boils down to is that they don't know what else to do because of that oh so scary label he carries. Up until his transition to middle school last year he did very well, with some help from me and teachers. At the middle school level he no longer had only one teacher throughout the day and because my requests for support for him had fallen on deaf ears, it was a difficult transition. Academically he still fared pretty well, but if you review a much earlier blog(seen, not heard) you may note that I was suddenly getting calls because he "laughed and moved around" in the lunch room.

So, now my son is at school with heroin using 8th graders and students who have attacked teachers...Tyler did very well today and is keeping his goal in mind, to get back to regular school as soon as possible. I'm doing everything I can to support him, meanwhile contemplating staking out the school to ensure that no illegal activity comes close to my son! OK, so I won't stake out the school and I know that Tyler is well educated and above those influences, but I have to wonder...What the hell were they thinking???!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Heroin?!?! 8th graders?!?! What is the world coming to????

rickismom said...

Wouldn't the chances of heroin be as bad in regular class?

Isn't it a *&(*$%#)&* PAIN when schools are not as we wish?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand where the parents are in these situations...or where they were the first 13 yrs! We have had some 3rd graders expelled from school in our state for performing sex acts on one another in the school bathroom! This scares me to death also! I was informed that bracelets exist that let others know what your willing to do "sexually" and the kids are wearing them at school. We talked with our daughter about this, she didn't know, but now refrains from wearing that type of bracelet. How sad that my daughters morning has to include thinking about her accessories meanings...Frustrations are daily here...Pray, Pray, Pray, and teach your kids to!!

FAB said...

I suppose heroin and all issues would be just as bad across all settings, but that particular issue had not occured to me! I think this points to how vigilant we must be with our kids, and we certainly have to provide lots of education to prepare our kids for this scary world!

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