Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Your Choice

At the request of my audience (all two of you) I am blogging for the first time in weeks. It seems that everyone these days is very busy and my life is certainly no exception, so I apologize to anyone who has been waiting with baited breath for my words of wisdom!

Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is choice. You see, every morning from the moment we wake we have an incredible choose. We have been endowed with a great gift but more and more people are beginning to overlook it. I named this blog after my favorite book "Man's Search For Meaning" by Victor Frankel. Frankel wrote of his experience in a concentration camp in WWII, his story was not one of detail, it was not necessarily filled with great sorrow. Frankel wrote the book as a demonstration of our most powerful gift, the gift of choice. Frankel points out that it doesn't matter what we experience, what anyone does to us, we can be stripped of everything but that most important to survival...choice. We can choose our attitude, how we see the world, what meaning to attribute to our suffering or success. When beaten down by any force, we can choose to survive!

It's a simple yet beautiful concept, yet so few seem to apply it in their lives. Think about it, how many times today did you let some small event determine your mood or how you interacted with others? You all know that one person, the one who picks at everything, thinks everything is a big deal and worries over all the small details. Most of us probably work with someone like that, but we also do it at one point or another. I ask this person, I ask you...Why? In the grand scheme of things how important is it that life didn't go your way today? Aren't there people dying in China at the moment? Yet many of them struggle through with more grace than we can muster for our co workers. Aren't there children abused and abandoned, yet they cling to hope and dreams with a passion we cannot muster to love our own children. Don't get lost in the small or big things! Everything that happens shapes who we are, and we can decide what that is. We can decide to become the phoenix rising from the ashes, or we can choose to let events shape us into twisted bitter souls.

Life doesn't happen to you, you must make it happen! Wake up every day and make the choice that today will be better than yesterday,that today you will do something to help another human being, today you will be...FABULOUS!


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