Monday, May 26, 2008


In order for a piece of music to have harmony it must have various notes and chords, preferably various instruments as well. Even if there are different instruments playing the exact same notes at the same time the music would be bland and dull. When there is harmony, there is beauty. Were it not for interesting and complex chords and notes, most of us would find music to be pretty dull. For a painting to beautiful, it must have various colors and shading, each minute detail affecting how one perceives the piece of art, were it not made up of various brush strokes, colors and details it would simply be a canvas of one color.

Life in our world means that not everyone can be just like us. If we lived in a world of one note or one color we would likely be bored and lonely. Take my husband for example, he is the exact opposite of me. He loves music, as do I, but his preference is heavy and dirty so to speak, where I love the melodies of Ravel or Mozart. He loves being active, as do I, but he loves playing with air soft rifles and running around the words, while I love quiet walks or white water rafting. We are very different, which makes us a lovely compliment to one another. Of course we have gone through our phases where we hoped to create the one into something more like the other, but we always remember that we fell in love because of our differences and those compliments as much as anything else.

Our world is made up of so many people, people of various nationalities, religions, sexes and abilities. When each of us takes the time to embrace something different from ourselves, we will find a beautiful harmony that moves us. When our views are challenged by someone else's differing viewpoint, it can cause amazing things to happen if we are open. We might further develop our own views, or find that maybe, just maybe the other guy has a point as well. Without that challenge, without difference and harmony, life would become stagnant, colorless, odorless, tasteless, there would be no passion!

Give in to difference, open your your mind to it, create incredible harmony and fill your life and someone else's with passion!

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