Thursday, May 22, 2008

Find Your Meaning

Yesterday I blogged about choice, today I'd like to go to the next step and write about meaning. Frankel wrote about it as his main theme in "Man's Search for Meaning" (obviously). When I read his book earlier this year it completely validated what I believe and who I am! You see, I try to live my life's meaning. What is meaningful to me is my family and my work. My work is more than just a job, it is my life's passion, it's part of almost everything I do. My meaning is found in fighting oppression, making a commitment to non-violence and respecting every other human being out there. I even went so far as to write my own mission statement. (I know, I'm a nerd).

Frankel wrote that we most often find our meaning in serving others. A life lived consumed with money or success does not necessarily lead to a meaningful life. There are so many people who wander lost, lonely, afraid, they do what they think is expected of them, but do not come to understand themselves or their purpose. We each have purpose, whether you believe it comes from God or elsewhere, it is there waiting for you to discover it. When you do discover it, your life will change. You begin to forget the little things, the selfish things, the materialistic, and live toward your meaning and you make the world a better place as you do it. This may sound ridiculous or simplistic or maybe too "new agey" for you, but it is a truth that I have found and so have many others.

Live a life of love and giving, let go of bitterness, forgive yourself and others and move on to a freedom and choice you may never have known before. I can't tell you what your meaning is, I only know that it is out there waiting for you, and if you miss it, you will miss out on your life and how truly beautiful you are. You are a glorious being, meant to live up to all your potential, go out and grab life with both hands, love greatly and live with meaning!

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