Friday, April 18, 2008

Live fast...

Yesterday I was in my car for over 6 hours. I had spent most of my week in the car and by yesterday I was exhausted, I was about two hours into my trip to Harrisburg when I called our office to whine for five minutes. The truth is I was headed toward a meeting that I love going to, I was just wishing that I could somehow magically teleport myself and cut out the commute.

Just when I was contemplating driving a little faster, I saw a billboard for Sheetz. It had some picture of food on it and said "Live Fast. Eat Well." First of all, I'd like to point out that while the food at Sheetz is great in a pinch, calling it eating well is a stretch...but I digress. Upon seeing the sign, I thought about what it means to "live fast." In today's age it seems we are all doing it, buzzing from one thing to the next (unable to take the time to eat quality food), and missing a lot as we do so. I suddenly got an image of what living fast might look like. It was me on Rollerblades careening down a hill screaming and reaching the bottom tattered, torn and bloody (not fabulous!). Then I contemplated living slow. The image was me playing in a meadow with my children, laughing, smelling flowers and enjoying the sunshine (I'd also like to add that in this image I looked much more fabulous, in fact almost angelic).

After pondering both images I remembered why I usually like the long drives, peace, tranquility, an opportunity to listen to whatever I want on the radio (no 11 year old asking for rap, or a 9 year old insisting on "bubble gum pop" ), and the chance to observe the beauty around me. Instead of driving faster, I slowed a little, relished the sound of Ravel and paid attention to the small farm houses I passed and the incredible view of rolling hills. The rest of the drive was lovely.

Living fast sounds good and in today's age it's almost the expected thing, but living fast really means not taking the time to enjoy a moment. Life is made up of small moments, it's not about the next big thing, it's all the little ones, making mud pies with your kids, laughing while hanging curtains, making lasagna with someone you love. These are the moments we should relish, life is fleeting don't speed it up, take time to soak it all in!

So, if you're barrelling down that hill on Rollerblades, I urge you, direct your body toward the closest bush to break your fall and run to the nearest meadow! Besides, you really have to see just how angelic I do look surrounded by all these flowers...the kids are cute too.


Randilyn said...

Interesting to know.

KC said...

i happened upon this when i typed the words "live fast meaning" in google in hopes of trying to decide if i wanted to tattoo this phrase on my fingers. just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your post